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    Guide rollers

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    Aluminum guide roller aluminum surface treatment process for aluminum, the anodized oxidation can do the color is indeed more limited, usually silver, bronze, titanium, K gold or black.

    Chinese name guide roller color silver white, bronze, titanium, K gold, black surface coating process electrophoresis, color powder spray, color fluorocarbon spray life method of plasma cladding technology on aluminum surface treatment process anodized

    table of Contents

    Effect of Roller and Guide Roller on Printing Composite Film

    2 guide roller surface coating process

    3 to improve the service life of rolling mill guide roller

    Effect of Roller and Guide Roller on Printing Composite Film


    1, composite film peel strength is not enough

    Points in the following cases:

    Glue curing is not complete, peeled off when there is glue in the glue surface. the reason:

    1) the binder ratio is wrong, the proportion of curing agent lead to incomplete curing. In the preparation of adhesive according to the adhesive manufacturers specified ratio parameters for the preparation;

    2) the purity of the solvent is not enough, the solvent contains water or alcohol exceeded, water or alcohol reacts with the curing agent in the glue, reducing the proportion of curing agent glue glue is not complete. The solvent used for dry complex is ethyl ester, so ethyl ester in the plant when each batch should be sampling, if found that the purity is not enough when not used;

    3) The residual solvent of the ink in the printing film is high enough to cause the glue to be cured. Some of the residual solvent of the ink (especially the PET ink) reacts with the curing agent in the glue, thereby consuming the curing agent to cause the glue to cure sufficiently. Countermeasure: ① thin film printing is best not to immediately compound, if the time allowed to put the first 1-2 days after the composite; ② printed film under the machine after the detection of residual solvents, such as residual solvent, in the composite may be appropriate to increase the curing The proportion of agents; ③ use fast curing glue.

    4) composite film curing temperature is low, curing time is not enough, there is insufficient cross-linking, curing is not complete. Countermeasures: improve the curing temperature or the choice of fast curing glue.

    2, the apparent problem of composite film

    1) small ink point. The general Fumian immediately after the emergence of the possibility of small, unless it is muddy muddy impurities. Laminating after a period of time the aluminum film is likely to occur this phenomenon, because the ink on the aluminum corrosion, when the ink presents a certain degree of acid or alkaline, and glue the amount of small, can not form a layer of connection, It is possible to happen.

    2) small gray point. There are two possibilities of small gray spots, one is the uneven roller caused by plastic spots, and second, the uneven ink caused by the ink is not compacted spots. Both possibilities are related to the process and can be solved by adjusting the process to increase the thickness of the glue.

    3) white point. The general surface of the ink discoloration of the case prone to. Mostly appear in the composite of aluminum. There are two reasons: First, the ink color of the hiding power is not strong or cover uneven, especially white ink, so that the color of aluminum penetration, there is no aluminum color penetration of the formation of white spots; Second, the reasons for the process, drying tunnel temperature (Especially the primary bake Road) is too high or the amount of glue is too thick, resulting in a layer of bake in the surface layer of condensation, ethyl ester in the second and third bake Road, rushed out, squeeze the glue, showing the ink qualities The The solution is to improve the ink hiding power or one, two, three bake road to adjust the appropriate temperature, and gradually warming. Avoid the first level of temperature is too high.

    4) small crystal point. Small crystal point occurs in the transparent film on the more, there are two kinds of convex, different causes: protruding to the small crystal point is mostly associated with plastic reasons, there may be because the machine is not clean. The way to eliminate the small crystal point is to be strictly in accordance with the correct method with the glue with plastic, the machine must be cleaned after use; concave into the small crystal point, with a magnifying glass carefully observed, you will find a small bubble, which is the main Is due to too much water caused.

    5) small scar points. Mainly due to membrane activation treatment of uneven film, in the printing process also appears the same scar points, of course, may also be caused by the activation time is too long.

    6) Wavy pattern. Wavy pattern prone to the white film, mainly because the glue molecular weight is not neat, after hot bake Road, hot roller, the elastic polymer chain shrinkage, different molecular weight intramolecular contraction is inconsistent, Uniformly cause wave pattern. The reason for this should be considered.

    7) Effect of film on surface quality. Due to the smooth surface of the film, the uniformity of the various reasons, may cause the above six phenomena similar phenomenon. To distinguish between the reasons for the film or the above six cases, can not film on the film with a magnifying glass carefully observed, because the transparent glue between the two layers of film, and the two layers together to form a composite film, with a magnifying glass, Small spots on the film, waves and other magnification, many cases to be carefully observed to find the problem.

    3, composite membrane tunnel phenomenon.

    After the composite due to shrinkage of the film, the edge part or the central part of the earthworm-like delamination, known as the composite membrane tunnel phenomenon. The reasons for this phenomenon are mainly in the following areas:

    1) In the process of composite failure caused by poor control of the composite substrate in the composite after the contraction and shrinkage ratio of large differences, the destruction of the composite film glue layer bonding, resulting in tunneling solution is in the composite should be based on different composite substrate Of the tensile properties set the appropriate tension.

    2) film wrinkling, uneven thickness, in order to not compound in the composite film wrinkling, increase the tension to compound the resulting composite membrane tunnel. The solution is to check the film in the compound when the state, such as film wrinkling, shaking edge and other phenomena do not use.

    3) The molecular weight of the adhesive is small, resulting in low initial adhesion of the composite film, which causes the tunneling phenomenon of the composite membrane. The solution is to use high molecular weight, high cohesion, fast curing adhesive.

    4) Due to the excessive coating amount of the adhesive, the composite film is not completely cooled after the heat sealing roller, and the adhesive layer has a certain flowability, which causes the tunneling phenomenon of the composite membrane. The solution is to appropriately reduce the amount of adhesive applied.

    4, the composite film of poor smoothness.

    Composite film of poor smoothness, the friction between the membrane, reducing the composite. Membrane opening performance, operating performance. The reasons for the poor smoothness of composite film are:

    1) The aging temperature of the composite film is too high. Treatment: reduce the curing temperature, curing temperature is best not to exceed 50 ℃, such as time permits, can be naturally better curing.

    2) composite substrate smoothness is poor. Treatment: composite film powder.

    3) composite membrane moisture absorption. Treatment: pay attention to storage, transport process do not touch the water, indoor humidity is too large to pay attention to composite membrane protection.

    5, composite film wrinkling. Causes the composite film to wrinkle.

    1) The composite substrate itself is wrinkled. Treatment: composite attention to check the state of composite film, if uneven thickness, lotus leaf, wrinkles and other phenomena do not use.

    2) guide roller, composite roll imbalance caused by composite film wrinkling. Treatment: Check the adjustment of the guide roller, composite roller to balance. [1]

    Guide roller surface coating process


    1, electrophoretic coating

    On the basis of anodic oxidation, through the role of electrophoresis, in the oxide film evenly covered with a layer of water-soluble acrylic paint film, so that the surface of the profile of the formation of anodic oxide film and acrylic film composite film. Feel smooth and delicate, bright and beautiful appearance, in addition to the production of raw oxidation color on the basis of color, can make more bright colors such as white and green.

    2, color powder coating

    A total of more than 200 kinds of color options, to the designer a broad space, stable performance, strong adhesion film, easy to peel off, acid, salt spray resistance, resistance to mortar, weather resistance, anti-aging performance. Coating in the air does not evaporate, no oxidation, no pollution poison, good environmental performance. Surface dirt washed after a new look.

    3, color fluorocarbon spray

    Through the electrostatic interaction in the aluminum alloy substrate sprayed with polyvinylidene fluoride paint coating. Fluorocarbon coatings are polyvinylidene fluoride, fluorocarbon coatings. So it can have a lasting color retention, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-atmospheric pollution, the Fluorocarbon bond is one of the strongest molecular bond is superior to its molecular structure. Fluorocarbon coating as a high-grade surface coating process means. It has the same color and uniformity, and anti-fade and pollution of the advantages of superior advantages.

    Methods of Improving the Service Life of Roller Guide Roller


    In order to improve the wear resistance and anti - cracking performance of the guide roller, the plasma cladding technique was used to weld Al2O3 - doped Fe - Ni - based high temperature wear - resistant alloy coating on 45 steel surface. The process flow is 45 round steel blank → guide roll blank → plasma cladding → guide roller surface grinding treatment → plasma alloy guide roller.

    The coating obtained by the above-mentioned plasma cladding process is homogeneous and compact, and no pores are cracked. As the 45 steel matrix has a good thermal conductivity, and cooling in the air when the solidification speed is very fast, so the coating of the organization and the precipitation phase are very fine and uniform.

    The service life of the plasma alloy guide roller compared with the conventional high chromium cast steel guide roller is improved remarkably. High chromium cast steel guide roller life is generally 8 hours, after the emergence of serious wear groove and fatigue cracks, wear deep groove will occur sticky steel and steel phenomenon, seriously affecting the surface quality of steel, thus Scrapped. The plasma alloy guide roller has significant anti-abrasive wear and thermal fatigue resistance, the average service life of 138 hours; Moreover, the guide roller repair, the average life expectancy can reach 96 hours, the effect is very significant.

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